I started Cadence Coaching in order to help cyclists get the most out of their bodies with science driven training. My commitment to each athlete goes above and beyond a training schedule though. Bike races are won with a mixture of fitness, tactic, belief, equipment and luck. I provide the best guidance I can to help minimize the amount luck plays and maximize the amount each of the others work to your advantage.

Jordan Oroshiba

Background:  I grew up in an athletic household, in which both my parents competed in triathlons and marathons and began endurance sport at a young age, competing in olympic distance triathlons in middle school. I started cycling seriously after a running injury sidelined me. Since graduating from high school, I have solely focused on cycling. I started coaching while working with my collegiate team to help get new guys into racing and find success, and slowly have built out from there. I currently race as a Cat 2 for an elite amateur espoir team.

Coaching Philosophy: My goal, as a coach, is to build up each and every one of the athlete’s into the cyclist they want to become. I believe in a strongly evidence and sport science based approach to training. It is my obligation to my athlete’s to stay up to date on the latest developments in sport science so that I can constantly guide them in such a way that maximizes their results. The generally agree upon basis for growth and improvement in sport are overload, recovery and subsequently super-compensation.  Building that basic concept into a scheme of periodization that suits your race calendar, and development goals helps us to help you reach peak performance. Once the engine has been built, an important part of coaching is helping to give your athlete the tools in order to maximize their results with the engine they have.

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  • “Working with Jordan for coaching has really helped me to stay consistent in training, and show up mentally to every ride I set out to do. His no BS approach to cycling and efficiency, be it aero position, equipment, or race strategy, has been crucial to my training and racing. My progress from Cat 5 to 3 in three months would not have happened without Jordan’s coaching and expertise.” -Robert McManmon
  • “I started working with Jordan halfway through the 2013 race season, right from the start we went over what my goals were, what races I wanted to do, and assessed where my fitness was at.  He then created a great training schedule for me that also took into account my life. Jordan was always able to be reached via phone and email if something in my schedule needed to be adjusted.  The end result year was the strongest race season I have ever had.  I was able to accomplish my goal of upgrading to Cat 3, feel in control during my races, and felt like I had a great support network behind me the whole season.” – Nick Roehnert

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