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Group Training Schedule

Group Training is  A Great Way to Increase Your Fitness, Develop Skills & Reach Your Goals

Why train with the group?  Certified Coaches will guide you through planned workouts targeted at different aspects of fitness development.  Group training pushes you to reach your personal best – helps you stay consistent & on track-  and provides a built-in support network.

Tempo, speed, endurance & strength – we map it out for you and you get to have fun with friends!  

Plus – ask the coaches during our sessions -we love to talk training!

You can benefit from our experience and knowledge – click here to join



Base Miles, technique & skills along the coast.  

Endurance Pace – All Levels

Between 8 to 9:00am roll time

Cottonwood Creek Park, Encinitas


Specific Tempo Bike Workout & Run After  

Tempo Pace – All Levels

Between 8 to 9:00am roll time

Typically from La Costa Town Square – By Starbucks

(locations do vary such as Fletcher Cove for Torrey Pines Repeats)


Group Ride – @30miles 

Pace is 14-18mph & small breakout groups based on pace

 8 to 8:30am roll time

Locations Vary – Check Schedule on Facebook & see Sat Ride Guide to understand how we roll as a group.  

Please also note that rides are typically twice per month based on ride leader schedules

The Cadence Facebook Page also posts updates regarding specific workouts, routes, and any potential changes.  

Cadence Facebook

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