3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Train ‘Like a Pro’

Many athlete’s in many sports want to get better, and who is better than a professional. Thus, it logically follows that many people want to train like professionals so that they can be as good as the professionals. Unfortunately, this is most likely to lead to failure and injury. Here is my short list of reasons why you should not attempt to train like a pro.

  1. Lifestyle – The nature of being a professional is that their job is riding their bike. Unlike you, all they need to do is eat, sleep, and ride their bike in order to pay the bills. You, most likely, do not have that luxury. You most likely work 40 hrs a week to pay the bills, and for your cycling habit. That is 40hrs a week during which you are not recovering. Whereas the professional cyclist has a life built around training hard and recovering just as well. Eat, Ride and Sleep, if that is all you do you can easily ride more!!
  2. Training Load – Training a lot creates adaptations that allow you to train more. Many people say they “want to train like what they want to be” but you don’t have the base to do this. This is the “break you down” method, it breaks you down makes you feel week and hurts you. You want to train like where you are, graudually building yourself up. Maybe one day you will be  up to 25-30 hr weeks.
  3. Physiology – not only do professionals have an entire lifestyle set aside to ensure they can train a ton and recover just as much, they are a special breed of people! They naturally recover and adapt faster than you or me (typically). Even if you had their life, it is unlikely you would be able to absorb the training load.

Even though you can’t train like a pro, putting in massive miles every week. You can still get fast! You don’t even need to be training like a pro right now, you need to be training like the cyclist you are and building upon that.

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