A mindset of improvement

Many cyclists suffer from an “attitude” problem. This problem is readily apparent at the end of any race. Listen to half the riders who didn’t win or weren’t in the top 10 and you will likely hear people talk about how someone took their wheel, they got chopped in the last corner, somebody wasn’t holding their line. These are all excuses. While they are occasionally valid they hold us back from success. These riders are not looking at the things which they did wrong rather the things that others may have done wrong.

All the things everyone else did are a part of racing. In every race you will enter someone will swerve from their line in a corner, people will block you, people will chop you in a corner. That happened to everyone else in your race. When these things happen you should not think about how much it sucks but how you can get back into position. When you reflect on your races look not at the things others did, but the things you can do to improve. Could you have moved up earlier? Should you have put a little bit more into the break? Should you have gone with the break? Did you start your sprint too late or too soon? All of these are great examples of things you should be thinking about when the race didn’t end as you had hoped (and even when it does!). Always a mindset of improvement, not blame.

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