Goals and Success

Often when we create our goals for a given cycling race we say that we want to win race a and b. But goals like these are ill-advised as they breed failure and disappointment. Winning a given race is dependent on so many variables that are out of your control, instead you need goals which are in your control OR which are attainable through general increased fitness. For instance, you might not be able to say I will win X race but you can say that you want to have an FTP of X or be Cat X. Furthermore, for most athletes every race should be a strive to win or to help a teammate win! Sometimes you know or I prefer suspect that isn’t attainable based on fitness levels, but you always try for it (and sometimes surprise yourself!). So while you are getting ready to start the off-season, evaluating your previous season and looking at next season remember to set attainable goals, so that you might have more success.

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